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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Three Major Advantages to Using New OEM Parts

What are some of the advantages of new OEM parts? There are some distinct advantages to using new parts from the original equipment manufacturer. Three of them are getting parts that meet the manufacturer’s warranty requirement, getting a proper fit without modifications, and the fact that new lasts longer than used. These three advantages are why new parts are so popular among many car owners. There are situations where new parts from the original equipment manufacturer make sense, like doing collision repair work.

2008 Nissan Rogue Single DIN Radio Install Kit

One of the biggest advantages of new OEM parts is they have approval of the car’s manufacturer. This helps keep the warranty valid. Many people want to save money when it comes to making auto repairs. However, putting certain aftermarket parts on your car can lead to invalidating your warranty and causing problems with your insurance company. Because the manufacturer of the car must approve all parts sold as OEM, they are giving their tacit approval that the part meets their own warranty standards. If you do not want to invalidate your warranty, using OEM parts just makes sense.

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Disadvantages of Used OEM Parts - Some Disadvantages to Used vs. New

You need to know the disadvantages of used OEM parts when looking to repair your car. There are three disadvantages of note. One is the fact that some parts may not be available when you need them. Another is the fact that a used part could have damage that you cannot see. A final one is how long a used part will last compared to a new one. These three disadvantages are part of balancing your decision to purchase used parts over new parts or aftermarket ones.

Used OEM Parts

One of the significant disadvantages of used OEM parts is availability. Unlike new parts, there is no manufacturer waiting to make additional used parts. That means you are subject to what is available at the time you need to make repairs. If you are lucky, you can find the part easily. With the internet, that is possible today. But, for older cars, the amount of inventory will continue to decline despite modern technology. If you have the time to wait on a used part, then it is an advantage. But for those who need that car to run as soon as possible, used parts are not always available.
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New OEM Car Parts - A Standard that Many Car Owners Flock Towards

When you have an older car that starts to need work, you can select new auto OEM parts, rebuilt ones, or aftermarket products. All come with advantages and disadvantages. If these terms are a bit confusing, here is some clarification. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. These parts come from the car’s original manufacturer. Ford OEM auto parts come from Ford. Toyota OEM parts come from Toyota. The list goes on. Rebuilt parts are used parts which a mechanic or technician has refurbished and tested. Aftermarket parts are auto parts made by any company other than the original equipment manufacturer. Here are some thoughts on OEM parts.

OEM Car Parts

What are some of the advantages of using new auto OEM parts? With OEM parts, you know the part is compatible with your particular car if you order them through a dealership. The manufacturer designed the car and knows which parts will fit. You also know the new OEM part is much the same as the original and should perform much the same. This option appeals to most average car owners who do not want a customized car or want to enhance the vehicle’s performance levels. These parts meet all legal and warranty requirements.
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